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How to sell your car

sell carGetting rid of an older, no longer needed vehicle requires a lot more than just throwing a for sale sign in the window. Making sure your car is in ready to be sold will help you get a better price for your vehicle as well as make it more likely to be sold.

Road worthy

Whether you are selling a car to get rid of an extra vehicle that you don’t need, looking to upgrade and want a few more bucks towards a new car, or whatever reason you may have; making sure your car is in good condition prior is hugely beneficial. Having your car in decent condition will allow you to get a better price for your car as well as increases the likely hood that it will be sold quickly.


You won’t be able to sell your car quickly unless people know about it. Having your car listed in local newspapers, on auto sale websites, etc. will boost the exposure of your sale. Additionally when selling your car this way make sure you include several photos and give as many details about the car as possible. Everything from the color, to any accidents it might have had, to the last time it was inspected. All of this informs potential buyers that you have nothing to hide with the car as well as shows you take good care of the vehicle.

Selling online

Another way to sell your car is to list it on some of the various online car selling websites. Similar to advertising, making sure that all of the relevant information is included along with various pictures of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. This will eliminate a lot of the common questions that might be asked as well as increase the chances of your car being sold.


Selling your car might seem like more of a hassle than it’s worth but with just a few simple things to keep in mind you can ensure that you get the price you ask for as well as a speedy sale. Some of these key points to remember are:

  • Make sure the car is inspected and all repairs are done before selling it
  • Take lots of pictures of the exterior as well as the interior for any advertisements or online postings.
  • When listing your car for advertisement or online sale include as many details about the car as possible. This will show confidence in your ability to take care of the car prior to the sale

A few preparations before the sale can pay off tenfold later.