Old cars and maintenance

Owning an old car can be an enjoyable hobby. It’s both unique, eye catching, and fun to own. However, as with anything owning an old car requires a lot more commitment and diligence than with a regular or newer car. That doesn’t mean owning an old car isn’t rewarding but not for the faint of heart.

100,000 miles and going

Most people consider a car old once it gets close to the dreaded 75,000 mark. While the bluebook value of your car may drop that doesn’t mean it isn’t still valuable. While most people consider a car just a means to an end, holding onto requires more than just a casual glance and a trip to the mechanic once in a while. As a car gets older and starts putting on more miles certain parts will eventually need to be replaced no matter how good of a condition you keep it; thinks like axels, hoses, cylinders, and in some cases the entire engine. Also a lot depends on the manufacturer and model of the car. Some cars age better than others.

Maintenance routine

buy old carHaving a regular maintenance routine for your car is a great way to keep it running longer and keeping repairs less expensive. However, with an older car increasing the frequency of the routine is one of the best ways to keep your car on the road. As mentioned above once a car gets older, certain parts are bound to need repair. This plus certain makes and models are prone to certain problems. Knowing what to look for and when can extend the life of your car indefinitely.

Finding parts

One of the toughest parts of maintaining an old car is finding parts to replace the ones that break or are going bad. This is especially true of the older, more exotic cars. While some parts are easy to replace and interchangeable, other parts might not be. This is why if you know your car is prone to having a specific part break, having extra’s on hand can cut down on the cost for a replacement while eliminating the potential scavenger hunt to find it.


Having an old car might seem counter-intuitive to many people but cars like people serve a purpose. Whether it’s getting us around, going on trips with the family or carting us off after the wedding. These special moments we share with our cars. Why wouldn’t we want them to stick around a little bit more?